Now despite Angelina’s recent travails we can’t help but feel that she is one of those stars that people struggle to really warm to (what I like to call a case of the Zellwegers) – so her role as the wicked witch in Disney’s upcoming live action Sleeping Beauty reboot Maleficent (2014) could be the role that she was born to play (at least as far as Jennifer Aniston is concerned). But is she the biggest baddest witch of them all – or just plain misunderstood? The recent trend of movies in the vein of Oz The Great and Powerful to turn our ideas about the villains of our childhoods on their heads could well be at play here in Maleficent too, because just because they like to wear black doesn’t make them baddies…

Watch out in the trailer for a cameo played by none other than Angelina’s own daughter, 5-year-old Vivienne Jolie-Pitt. Vivienne plays a young Princess Aurora – portrayed full-size by 15-year-old Elle Fanning.

Maleficent hits Aussie cinemas in June 2014.


(Credit: Walt Disney Pictures)

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